Project Management Essentials

Every project starts with an idea. The challenge is to convert this idea into a well-planned project to help you meet your objectives.

Projects come in various shapes and sizes, from the small and straightforward to extremely large and highly complex.  Chiefly associated with planning and managing change in an organisation, project management methods and tools therefore can be applicable far more widely than people assume.  The techniques and tools used for planning a project serve any task in which different outcomes are possible. This invariably includes a risk of problems or even failure, making planning and assessing options essential, as well as organising activities and resources to deliver a successful result.

Duration – 1 day

Course Content

  • Introduction & objectives
  • Defining the project framework
  • The project lifecycle
  • Project management tools
  • Planning and sharing a project with your team
  • Estimating and managing the initial project budget
  • Risks & Issues
  • Project communication
  • Leadership & teamwork

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