Life Coaching – A Way To Start Moving To Where You Want To Be In Your Life

Hello and welcome. The fact that you’ve found yourself here probably means you finally decided that enough’s enough and it’s time to get your life back on course!

Maybe even before the Covid 19 pandemic hit, you were feeling stuck or couldn’t shake the sensation that something was up but didn’t exactly know what?  Now more than ever people are reaching out, fearful and very conscious that they need to act and take care of their emotional and financial futures. If your need is more focused on personal or professional development, particularly your communication skills, then click on this link to pdtraininguk to look at the workshops and training on offer.

Whatever is holding you back (and let’s face it for many of us it’s fear); fear of failure, fear that we’re not good enough; fear of what other people will think or say. Isn’t it time to face up to it? Whether you’ve been dreaming of leading a different kind of life, or have lived through something that wrecked your self esteem, with a bit of outside help now’s your opportunity to take that first step and make that change happen.

Whatever your reaching for, it’s never too late! Believe me, I’ve been there.  Looking back over my own life, my head literally aches remembering missed opportunities, stupid decisions and the times when I allowed fear to control my actions and ambitions.

And perhaps the worst self sabotage of all, I was just awful at asking for help. It was only after talking things through with someone else, that I began to understand what needed to change and how to make that happen. I learned to harness a resilience I didn’t know I had and admit that accepting help wasn’t weakness.

Whether you’re not clear on what’s holding you back or know damn well what the problem is but feel helpless to take action, together we can figure it out. 

 Will coaching be right for me?

To give you context, below are just some of the reasons people have sought me out:

  • To gain more control over my life
  • Overcome limiting belief and take action to reach my goals
  • Develop greater self confidence
  • Find a way to reduce stress and anxiety
  • Improve my sense of well-being and happiness 
  • Have a clearer vision of where I’m headed
  • Create better and more fulfilling relationships
  • Be more productive
  • Improve and create better friendships and social life
  • Be able to harness greater motivation and enthusiasm

How Can You Help Me?

I’m a certified coach running a full-time coaching practice online via Zoom, Skype or WhatsApp (depending on client preference).  I also offer face to face when requested and practical.  I’ve worked with many people, from all walks of life.  So if talking to someone friendly and professional, who can empower you to totally transform your self-perception, dispel your self-limiting beliefs, or actually start taking action to become significantly wealthier, healthier or happier; together we can do it!

First step?  Don’t be afraid to ask for help!  Thankfully there’s less stigma nowadays than there once was, but people are still often reluctant to do it; seeing it as a sign of weakness or worse still, self-indulgent.  Actually, you’re demonstrating strength.  The most confident and successful people are those that acknowledge what they can and can’t do unassisted. 

I love being a coach.  Truly, I can’t tell you how rewarding it is to help people transform their lives, whether it’s providing a chance to realise their fantastic resources and resilience and make that life’s dream come true or break down stultifying barrier beliefs, so you’re able to set yourself ‘free’.

And it’s not just about qualifications in coaching.  Any good coach uses their own life lessons.  And believe me I’ve got a barrel of them, from chronic life-long illness to facing personal financial crisis.  It’s all there on my About Me page if you want to know more. 

Life is challenging.  Other people can be challenging.  Living in this modern, crazy, ‘race about with your hair on fire’ world, is challenging.  But we survive.  What’s important is you don’t have to do it alone.  If you know you just need a boost (that’s a polite way of saying, ‘a kick up the backside’); someone to help you gain some perspective or you feel like you’re ‘drowning’ under the weight of it all, I’m here to help you.  All you have to do is reach out…

I’m here ready to get you started…it’s just a matter of taking that first step…click on the calendar image below to make an obligation free 30 minute appointment to talk through how life coaching may be able to help you…

About The Author

I’m certified in life coaching with NLP, as well as a CIPD qualified learning and development professional, running my own personal development business. I enjoy sharing tips and advice with people to enhance their own life experience and learn new ways to positively navigate their lives.