Minute Taking

The role of minute taker means you’re responsible not only for recording relevant notes during a meeting, but that you do so in a way that is succinct and clear. The ultimate goal of course is to then produce a final document that is distributed to those that attended the meeting and of course anyone else who may require a copy.

Sounds relatively easy right? Ask anyone who has taken on this role and you’ll likely find they view it somewhat differently. Producing minutes that are useful requires you to know exactly what you need to prepare in advance, what you include and what to leave out, be confident about how your minutes should look, as well as be prepared to troubleshoot the things that can so easily trip you up when you’re in the thick of taking notes.

Duration – 1 day

Course Content

Designed for those responsible for taking and preparing minutes in the workplace, this highly interactive course offers plenty of minute taking practice and a thorough exploration of what this vital role entails and how to become an expert note taker.

  • Effective Note Taking
  • Troubleshooting – what can trip you up
  • Role of the Minute Taker
  • Practice sessions
  • Transcribing Notes to Minutes
  • Standard Layouts for Minutes

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