Coping with Change

Change is routine in today’s workplace.  No matter what we do, it’s highly unlikely it can be prevented.  What you can do of course is decide how you react to it.  Maybe you’ve had to learn a complicated new software system; had to take on a new team member or new role or perhaps the organisation is facing a merger or an acquisition.

Those who resist change may well find themselves overlooked for important projects, passed over for promotions, or left behind entirely.  The inability to cope with change can also lead to unhealthy levels of stress which, if prolonged, may even result in negative physical and psychological effects.

The person who can embrace and cope with change, demonstrating resilience and fortitude, is usually valued more highly in an organisation; someone regarded as a flexible and adaptable team player.  Such a reputation can open up many opportunities.  If, however, they consistently resist change, then the flip side may even mean they’re be seen as ‘part of the problem’.

Duration – 1 day

Course Content

  • What is change
  • Common change models and theories
  • The context for change
  • Tools and techniques for supporting change
  • Models for recognising responses to change
  • Change the reality
  • Finding ways to work with change

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