Assertive Behaviour Techniques

Assertive behaviour is the key to successful communication that doesn’t hurt or offend others and shouldnt be confused with aggression. It’s a crucial skill in all areas of your life, not least in business.  An aspect of emotional intelligence, being assertive allows you to stand up for your beliefs, express your opinions, feelings and needs clearly and honestly, without violating the rights of others or inadvertently escalating potential conflict.  

The workshop is designed to provide you with an understanding of what assertive behaviour is; when you might need it and how to apply it.  The course offers a framework for effective communication, including assessing the best response to aggressive behaviour and helping you to develop personal confidence.

Duration – 1 day

Course Content

  • Understanding behavioural styles
  • Exploration of verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Beliefs and how they affect what you do
  • Defining assertive communication
  • Personal rights & responsibilities
  • Allocating and delegating work
  • Basics of negotiation
  • Refusing and making requests
  • Giving and receiving positive and developmental feedback
  • Key assertive techniques

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