How Has The Corona Lockdown Affected You? 

You might be experiencing any number of things, from anxiety, stress or worrying about where we’re all going to end up when this weird and surreal time is over.

Testing times…

The wholesale embargo on all the things in life that we took for granted was awful; not being with family, socialising with friends and the ever present fear that we or someone we care about could fall victim to this pandemic, well, this is not a great recipe for feeling particularly optimistic.

For those that couldn’t work, facing long days of inactivity was for many overwhelming.  Getting motivated and finding a new routine just became exhausting.  And ever since? Perhaps you’ve come to find it difficult to cope with doing even the smallest chore and languishing on the couch has become too often the way you pass your days.

Some are finding themselves on an emotional see-saw, one moment feeling bursts of energy and determination, the next, slumping back into inertia and depression.  Guilt trips over being lazy and unmotivated, be it putting off household chores to a lack of enthusiasm in helping the kids with their lessons.  Feeling embarrassed because other people seemed to have made good use of the time in lockdown and you desperately wished you’d done the same, but you feel like lead weights have been attached to your limbs.

Are you longing to break the trend, but just can’t find the trigger that’s gonna get you started?  Or how to start?  What to do and how to sustain your determination.  It might just be a case of getting a bit of help.  Someone to kick a few ideas around with and gain some perspective.

Let’s talk it through…

In response to such an unprecedentedly difficult time psychologically, I wanted to do what I can to help.  If you’d like to get some control then maybe you might benefit from a one-off 60 minute coaching session, giving you an opportunity to talk things through, get a better handle on psychological blocks and find practical ways to weather what was a surreal and horrible situation and start looking forward.

Prior to the session, I’ll send you a brief questionnaire, designed to provide some guidance and clarity on how you might like to make use of the session.  If of course you find you’re thoughts are too messy and you can’t pinpoint what you need, then no problem.  We can spend some time exploring where you’re at and then begin to sift and organise in order to help you gain greater clarity and direction.

Don’t be nervous about getting in touch, everyone needs help once in a while.  Really looking forward to speaking to you. Use this link to arrange a 30 minute obligation free chat.