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With substantial experience spanning over 15 years and a professional and reliable approach, pdtraininguk can help you identify the right development choices for your career or business.  Any investment in developing great communication skills can lead not only to the enhancement of an individual’s sense of self, but elevate a workforce to become a dynamic group of skilled communicators with greater resilience, able to face challenging situations and build rewarding and productive working relationships.  Our workshops cover anything from helping you to develop your emotional intelligence to the enhancement of skills needed to excel in leadership roles.

We’ve always believed that exceptional communication skills enables people to engage and motivate those around them.  Our goal and priority as a training provider is to focus on the achievement of our clients’ development goals, whether individually or at an organisational level; helping people realise their potential.

The training philosophy and style we encourage is informal and relaxed, the goal always to facilitate the successful attainment of a learner’s personal/professional goals.  Naturally we employ a variety of training techniques through each stage of the learning cycle, to maximise engagement and understanding.

Lesley Hornsby – founder of pdtraininguk

With a substantial wealth of experience both writing and delivering training workshops, Lesley holds an honours degree in English and is member of the CIPD.  She’s also a trained actress with full Equity membership, a skillset that has substantial value when planning and facilitating meaningful experiential and situational elements in many of our workshops.

MOS certified in the four main Microsoft Office applications, she can provide training that underpins many of the communication skills workshops.  For example, if you need to work with PowerPoint, then Lesley can assist you in building a dynamic and professional presentations.  You may decide you’re not getting the best out of Word as part of improving your business writing, or have thus far failed to fully capitalise on Outlook’s features.  The most popular need that crops up is requests for guidance on Excel, whether to improve database management or more effectively analyse data for reports

Lesley has worked independently for many organisations over the years, both in the private and public sectors, including the NHS, BUPA and the Law Society to name a few and is well accustomed to engaging with individuals from across the hierarchical spectrum.

Throughout her career she’s enjoyed training in a range of settings, be it the classroom; lecture hall; e-learning; one to one or floor walking.  A primary goal when developing and delivering training has always been to consider the relevance and value to clients.  At pdtraininguk we all believe it’s important to be adaptable and flexible and make remaining up-to-date with developments and innovations in training and learning methodologies, a priority.

Why choose pdtraininguk?

  • Working with pdtraininguk. means working with discrete, carefully recruited team of associate trainres (all of whom are experts in their field and CIPD certiified), not whoever happens to answer the phone!  You’ll always have a consistent point of contact.
  • Such consistency also means over time we’re able to build and maintain a successful working relationship; giving you peace of mind and an agile response to your queries.
  • As a small organisation, our services are flexible and we can offer uniquely tailored workshops to suit your individual needs.
  • Decisions can be reached quickly and easily, without trawling though miles of red tape.
  • We can also offer if required, the opportunity for post workshop one-to-one support.

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